We cover the whole spectrum of all planning and execution phases within the sector of the facade.

Even in the conceptional stage we provide professional advice for our customers when it comes to the facade of a building. During the further stages we create concepts from a structural and creative point of view according to the customer’s requirement. We establish feasibility studies, neutral cost estimations as well as tender procedures and guidelines for the contract formation and quality insurance.

According to the economically, structural-physical and functional requirements we develop tailor-made facade systems and solutions.

As experts we establish professional expert opinions and other expert services.

Project Management
In the various sections of our service we deal with project management as well as partial project controlling and we make sure of the cost-efficient, professional and timely realization according to the requirements.

Quality Management
With our individual and specifically established quality insurance system we ensure the high standards in regard to planning, contract formation and constructional quality.
Improvement of Cost Effectiveness
Our combined services aim to optimise the profitability of facade construction performance. Providing a focused and structural simplified approach without limiting neither function nor design, we will be able to develop a comprehensive and cost reducing solution. This service is based on a remuneration model combining professional fee and attributable profit and consequently is largely self-financing.

Redevelopment Concept
In the sector of building envelope (facades and roof) and the technical building services lies an enormous potential regarding sustainable maintenance of value. But it can only be achieved by coordinated planning and execution. Therefore we support our client during the conception of future rehabilitation with economical and physical inventory studies as well as during the execution phase as a team, abreast with a planning and engineering office for the technical building services.

Construction Supervsion
We take over professional construction supervison as well as support in the area of property surveillance. We are of the opinion that especially during this crucial phase of the construction many faults could be avoided by the assignment of qualified experts.

With our own team of planners we realize the architectonical requirements of the conceptional stage, especially the implementation phase using state-of-the-art devices. For producing companies we offer enlarged services in the areas of plant and installation planning.